20140418-080619.jpgI’ve been keeping my eyes out for a dresser that could double as a bedside table. My husband’s side of the bedroom makes me twitchy (he needs more clothing storage space or to start cleaning up after himself… you know… whatever). I know it looks like I just slapped some new knobs on her, but more went into it than that, let me show you…

Finally, at our local-ish Salvation Army I found her…
20140418-080716.jpgI was drawn to it because it looks rustic and farmhouse-y, and the simple lines won’t compete with anything else we do in the room. But it was too short and without any legs it would be a challenge to use the bottom drawer without squatting.
20140418-080734.jpgI picked up a piece of oak, 4 double-sided screws and some stain I hoped would match at the hardware store.

Remember my fear of spinning blades? I may have conquered it!! I cut the oak into 5.5 inch legs.
20140418-080801.jpgI used the drill press (this project was all about my personal growth) to make holes for the screws. Then I added the screws and the stain.
20140418-080828.jpgWith the hand-held power drill I made holes in the base of the dresser.

Interestingly, there weren’t any holes left behind from other feet, which means the dresser was built to be so low to the ground. (Only 26 inches tall.) I wonder how old the piece is, and who else put their belongings inside.

I screwed the feet in place, an luckily they didn’t need any adjusting!!
20140418-080854.jpgI used wood filler to fill any big holes I found. (And there weren’t many.) Aside from some scuffs of paint and scratches in the polyurethane it was in great shape!

20140418-080909.jpgThen along came Poly (urethane). I sanded everything down, takin time in the spots that needed paint or other marks removed.

On the top of the dresser there are two holes already filled which held a mirror. I wonder how long ago those were filled?

Then the whole piece (even the drawer fronts stacked over there) got a fresh coat of poly.

Remember I mentioned a need for the dresser? This is why:

20140418-080936.jpgThere’s the before….

So now you can appreciate the after:

20140418-081010.jpgAfter my labor of love, I have claimed her as my own. Sorry, babe.

(Total work time 4 hours, not including time spent at the hardware store and hobby store getting materials.)