We are still very much in the middle of this remodel, but here is what we have done so far.

20140428-091511.jpgThe first decision we had to make was determining the size and location and style of window. In the end we chose a 4′ x 4′ Anderson double casement window. Too bad Home Depot didn’t place the order with the Anderson window company when we placed the order with Home Depot three weeks ago but more on that later…

20140428-091655.jpgNext we removed the front stoop to our extra front door. Creating a door to nowhere which I find to be a hilarious opportunity to put a sign on our real front door that says “Please use other door” because then I had hilarious imaged in my head of people trying to climb in and out of a door 3.5′ off the ground. (I never actually did that though.)

20140428-091811.jpgAfter that there was the tornado that struck the playroom a.k.a. Husbandpocalypse 2014.

20140428-091902.jpgBut now that the recessed lights are in and the messes cleaned up I’m very pleased.

20140428-091952.jpgThen I spent this past week prepping the room for the big deconstruction and reconstruction of the wall.

20140428-092017.jpgTarp for dust, Les Mis style barricade to deter small people from surveying the construction site.

20140428-092112.jpgHere we were taking the siding, tar paper (used as waterproof barrier) and plywood off the front of the house. Turns out there were about a million stinkbugs living in the wood siding and 2x4s so we ended up replacing quite a bit of wood. The sink bugs were acting like termites, eating wood and burrowing just awful! Have you ever seen or heard of that?!

20140428-092215.jpgWith the new window framed and the plywood up it was time for vapor barrier. We chose foam board because brokebackhusband is obsessed with foam board.

20140428-092304.jpgWe just heard from Home Depot, and the news isn’t good. Our window won’t be delivered until May 19th. It should be fun having a hole in our house for three weeks because of someone else’s error….

But look at the new siding! How great is that going to look?!?! I’m so pleased!!

How was your weekend, dear friends?