There is a reason I wrote about the power of words yesterday. Because today I am going to share a list of things I want (first world problems). This list is a group of things I cannot get out of my head. I am hoping that by writing out the words and identifying my covetous nature I can let it go.

These things are not what bring me joy. Art, inspiration, digging in the dirt, family… That brings me joy.

So here it is- my list of things if I saw these at a yard sale the car would come to a dramatic screeching halt list:

20140429-233008.jpgPitcher for Tang
(or Moroccan mint iced tea or sangria… whatever)

20140429-233021.jpgAtomic glasses. (Okay, really atomic anything, but this atomic pattern and these glasses make me squee.)

20140429-233038.jpgtwo words: Teak Lamp. Floor lamp/table lamp- don’t matta’.

20140429-233053.jpgWhaddayaknow?! Teak light fixture. (Also Sputnik, but I don’t have three grand for lighting right now….)

20140429-233103.jpgMugs. They’re geometric, green and they read like Pyrex to me… Mmmmm…. Pyrex…..

20140429-233114.jpgRadio. ::swoon:: Bonus points if it comes in turquoise!

20140430-065527.jpgDanish teak chair. Pardon me while I fan myself…

Okay. That’s the list. I’m ready to put these things out of my mind.

If you are looking for an update on the window saga, I spoke to Home Depot corporate. Everyone certainly tried to help, but no luck. So we are now 20 days away from a new window and being able to finish the siding! The brick mason comes soon, maybe this weekend? (I’m all for doing everything myself but…. when it comes to trade skills I see that as an art form, I don’t mess around. We contracted with a pro.)