I know the minute I write this something colossally bad will happen, but I’m doing it anyway.

This morning I said “Jack, daddy doesn’t have time to make your lunch today. Please make your sandwich.”

He took the jars out of the fridge. Got the bread. Opened the jars. Made a sandwich. And put it in a baggie. All I had to do was put the jars back in the fridge, and I’ll take that!

This morning I told Henry he needed to choose clothes for school and get himself dressed and then put his shoes and socks on. After a quick reminder to stay on task, and some discussion about weather appropriate clothing- he was ready!

Maggie reminded me that she needed to sit on the potty today. When I told her “It’s time to get dressed,” she replied “My do. My do!” Frankly, the battle of appropriate clothing is not worth fighting with her. Her outfit is a little ridiculous, but… down to the shoes- she put it all on herself!

I think, ladies and gentlemen, I’m about to get a promotion! I might be destined for management!

I realize this proclamation is akin to announcing that your six week old or six-month-old is sleeping through the night. Putting my good fortune in writing is a highly dangerous business. I may as well invite the children to color with sharpie markers while sitting on the expensive couch.

But having three children in a 50 month span of time, that’s four years and two months for those of you who don’t want to do the math, means I often don’t have even a few seconds to dedicate myself.

I’ve survived on cold coffee and leftover fish sticks. Forgotten to shower, forgotten to change my clothes, and from time to time forgotten deodorant. I hastily apply mascara at traffic lights. I have a better quality of understanding of children’s literature and television shows on PBS, yet I hardly have the time to finish my own books and my best chance of watching current television is once the season is available on Netflix. I used to build websites, write research papers, and have elaborate and time-consuming hobbies. I am actually afraid of Microsoft 8, I could not for the life of me remember how to properly cite a source but, I still have elaborate and time-consuming hobbies.

My children are the biggest, most time-consuming most joyful part of my life. Easy is relative. Easy is still very, very difficult. But the things I don’t do for myself anymore I get to do for them. For now. This time is fleeting and will be treasured.