My project this weekend was to change the location and design of the fire-pit. Before it was square, all the fallen tree bits were piled on top of it, making it a pain to mow around. It was also flush with the ground, which wasn’t ideal for safety either.

20140519-075500.jpgHenry was pretty concerned about my plan to put a huge hole in the yard… Until I told him it was for campfires. That sold him. He helped dig and haul and then assemble the whole thing.

20140519-075536.jpgSo, of course we had to take it on a test run.

20140519-075553.jpgThen there’s the bathroom…

The finishes, the layout. Literally everything about this bathroom is awful.
20140519-075620.jpgWe widened the doorway, because when you are helping kids in the bathroom maneuverability is KEY!
20140519-075648.jpg#Brokebackhusband worked on relocating the plumbing this weekend. Having the sink and the toilet side-by-side makes much more sense. (We are also going to change the hinge of the door. It will now open on the other side.
20140519-075700.jpgIn 2 weeks we will take the floors out and replace them with real tile, get a new low-flow toilet and put in the vanity. But with 3 smallish people all using the potty it’s imperative that we have a working toilet in the mean time.

The BIG news of the weekend is our window came!!!!
With the confusion about ordering, and the additional confusion about pick up Home Depot did us a solid and gave us a discount.
I was the designated window holder. #Brokebackhusband was the window leveler and nailer.
I’m so excited about the progress!! It’s starting to feel like a home I’m truly proud to live in.