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When the weather warms and the flowers start to bloom Marylanders begin to shed their winter coats. We forgo our Columbia and The North Face jackets for flip flops and cut-off shorts. We start walking an running and biking outdoors. We plan cookouts and BBQs and end-of-school parties.

But beyond the magic warmer weather brings to our own backyards it enchants The Shore: Ocean City.

Memorial Day Weekend is, of course, a time to reflect on cost of freedom. But for a Marylander, it’s also the start of a great migration. We stock up on sunscreen and Old Bay and potato chips and pack our cars (or bikes) to the brim. Then we fly. East. There is only one way to get to out destination. And it’s going to be bumper-to-bumper the whole damn way.

The weather warms and we take flight from our suburban neighborhoods- crowding the small, slow streets of rt50. But the good news is the Panera in Easton now has a drivethru! It’s revolutionary!! Whether we are stopping in Ocean Pines or going to the inlet or staying “up north” that’s anything after the boardwalk ends on 27th street (or north of 62nd st) we all have our Ocean City summer traditions.

Here are 10 places we always make time for during our summer migration (and I highly recommend them):
*Fishers Popcorn
*Downtown Berlin boutiques, antiques and lunchtime treats
*The Farmers Markets!
*Assateague State Park and beach
*The Shark aka the best seafood you will EVER eat.
*Dumser’s Dairyland for an icecream treat
*Events… like… The White Marlin Open (fishing tournament), Arts Alive (craft show), Air Show (planes, duh!)
*Ocean Pines Yacht Club dinner, drinks and live music!
*Mini Golf- there is a golf course every 2 blocks on Costal Highway
*The Boardwalk- Candy Kitchen (try the Lego candies), Thrashers (for the fries), Trimpers (cute little carnival rides to take the cute little kids on)