You’ve seen Up, right?

Having ADD is kind of like being a dog. I’m walking along, with plans to do one thing or another and then, squirrel! Just like that a squirrel runs into my line of sight and, um, what was I saying?

Example, I said to myself “I’ll just clean the playroom in the basement.” I turned around took one look at the permanently stained creepy and disgusting carpeting on the stairs and said “I’ll start by taking the carpeting off the stairs.”20140609-095327-35607902.jpg

I walk in the bathroom to clean the toilet and end up reorganizing bath toys.

I go to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher and end up doing a week’s worth of meal planning.

I take the kids outside to play and find myself digging a fire-pit.

I take the recycling out to the bin and end up working on some furniture refinishing project in the garage.

I’m not unproductive, I’m just a mess!

So please excuse my lack of regular blogging because none of the projects are finished enough to photograph and talk about.

How about you? How do you approach projects?