20140613-091836-33516351.jpg I don’t know about you but when I wake up in the morning, well, let’s just say I’m not at my best. I have to get three children and a husband (fourth child) ready for the day and out the door. In my house, this means I’m in survival mode.
Coffee- administered by IV.
Deodorant- applied in the car.
Teeth- not flossed (sorry guys).

So, the whole idea of peeling and slicing fruit to then put it in a blender and concoct some amazing and fresh smoothie recipe to enjoy seems impossible.

But then I realized all those pins about preprepared crockpot meals and preprepared healthy dinners could be applied to my problem.

20140613-093313-34393432.jpgA few thrifted wide-mouth ball jars, some fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe some chia seeds to soak. Maybe some flax.

The thing is, I’m very health-conscious. I also like to sleep.

So for two weeks now I’ve been preparing 2-4 jars in advance, in the afternoon, and then sticking my immersion blender into the jar in the morning because with the widemouth it fits perfectly!

20140613-093315-34395025.jpg I found these smoothie straws at IKEA. And I found plastic reusable widemouth lids that are perfect for storing and stacking in the fridge.

20140613-093839-34719695.jpgI drink it right out of the jar! It even fits in my cup holder in my car (because I am always running late).