Time seems to be flying. They seem so grown up. In less than two months they will ALL be in school.

Honestly, I was not prepared for how complicated and contradictory my emotions would be. I cannot wait to be able to run an errand or do housework without interruption or distraction. But the idea of wandering a store alone, looking around at all the moms pushing a stroller or wearing a baby- I get a little choked up just thinking about it… Maybe I’m not ready!!

Jack will be in first grade!
He is six and a half.
I’m pretty sure his tech skills have surpassed my own.
His favorite computer game is a simulated rocket & space ship design program- I think it was developed by NASA scientists. Luckily we live pretty close to NASA Goddard!
He’s also into Pokemon, big time!
His kindergarden teacher have him marigold seeds at the end of the year. He alone has cared for and cultivated them- and they are about to bloom. I’m so proud of his green thumb!

Henry will be on pre-K!20140714-094013-34813690.jpg
He loves to help in the kitchen (especially with baking endeavors).
His letter and number recognition is really taking off!
At 4 years and 3 months his memory is astounding! (Never promise a treat or prize- he will hold you to it FOREVER!)
He loves the outdoors and to paint- which is a good combo- because I’m not brave enough to let him paint inside!!

Maggie will be in 2 year old preschool.
She is two years and almost 4 months.
She is addicted to her pacifier- send help!
She loves sunglasses, nightgowns, tutus.
She is fearless in the water, she loves to help make my coffee in the morning and she cuddles like a spider monkey. I treasure it. I know how fleeting it is.

Luckily, they all still cuddle me. Hopefully that lasts forever because even on the most chaotic, wild, crazy, emotionally trying days- a cuddle can get me through!