The rules of motherhood are entirely too bendy flexy wibbley wobbley to me.
-Breastfeed, but in private, not for too long, and don’t be gross about it.
-Hover. Protect your child. But do the world a favor and don’t make them codependent and whiney.
-Eat healthy food, but don’t be snobby or elitist about it.
-Don’t let your child watch too much TV or play too many video games. But in the waiting room, restaurant, store- they should be seen and not heard. (No, we don’t have crayons or paper here.)

Enough already.

Stop contradicting yourselves.

I am tired of stories of women accused/jailed/sentenced for doing something completely reasonable.

This woman didn’t even do anything wrong and judgmental a-hole onlookers were all ready to rake her over the coals.

The next time I put my cart away at a store while my kids wait safely in the car is it going to land me in jail?

What if my kids are in the house and I’m in the yard?

What if I let them play on the playground while I work in the kitchen?

What if I let my 6 year old stay in the car on a rainy fall day while I run in and pick up a prescription for him?

Enough madness! Instead of videoing a mom doing something that may (or may not) be negligent offer to help. We used to help each other, didn’t we? We used to all be in this together. And now we seem so determined to make ourselves look good that we will gladly do it at the expense of throwing someone else under the bus.