While Jack was spending time with GiGi and PaPa I was in full-court-press productivity mode.

So while sitting at the kitchen table, working on a secret project, Henry called me over to the playroom 10 feet away… “Mommy! Maggie is breaking the TV.!”

Yeah, yeah, “Okay honey, mommy’s coming… show me what…20140731-011110-4270399.jpgOh no! Oh god, no. Oh my god, what are we going to do, my TV!! My poor TV. Our one good, fully functional TV, totally not working.

I may have cried. Mourning the loss of HGTV, day-long PBSkids, and hours of free babysitting…

::pause for a moment of self reflection::

20140731-011238-4358793.jpgIt’s a TV; who has the TV addiction here, me or my sweet babies?! Not cool.

Suck it up, Emily.

What does it say about me that I’m freaking out about this? What does it mean if we don’t have a TV in the playroom. But if I can’t turn it on for them….. they’ll, what? Play?

Yeah, that would be terrible. They’ll use their imaginations, draw, pretend to be soldiers, cowboys, adventurers. What am I thinking?!

Suddenly this broken TV tragedy became an opportunity.

20140731-011259-4379966.jpgScreen free week was THE hardest week of the school year.

I was so used to needing the TV to keep the boys in place so their baby sister wouldn’t try to follow them around. But, I hate to admit it, she’s not a baby; she can follow them around.

With a room truly dedicated to play, they can build and create with reckless abandon.

20140731-011315-4395481.jpgMy place to unwind is separate. There aren’t toys down here. I took this photo standing in front of our two giant bookcases, overflowing with books. There is a whole shelf dedicated to books I haven’t had the chance, the time, the motivation? to read.

This is broken TV might just be the best thing to happen to us in a while.

20140731-070011-25211826.jpgThis morning our TV breathed it’s last breath. So we stood up, walked outside, and realized there was a whole world waiting for us.

I’m not saying we will never watch TV again, but I am saying we will watch a whole lot less. And that’s probably just what our little family needed.