It’s the best worst most complicated time of year.

This week has been exhausting. I realize how tragically ‘first world’ all these problems are, and how fortunate I am that this is all I’m dealing with- but problems they be!

So here is the thing- shopping for school supplies is a nightmare. Those teachers work SO hard at their job, the least I can do is be sure they start the year with the right markers and glue sticks, right?! But here’s the rub: they ask for 8 Crayola markers but they come in packs of 10. They need 20 glue sticks but they come in packs of 6. The folders have fasteners, but the list asks for folders without.

It took me three separate trips to Target to finally procure all the supplies and each time I was talking to myself, cursing under my breath and generally channeling Steve Martin with the hotdog buns from Father of the Bride. As I looked at the parents around me they all had similar expressions of Crayola-hostility.

While shopping for supplies is stressful it’s just a small part of a much, much larger picture.

I want my kids to start the year off on the right foot.
Ready to learn.

I have no control over any of that!! All I can do is tell them how much I love them and how awesome they are and then send them off, and hope for the best. All my knowledge and experience with school and bullying and my theoretical understanding of child development can’t help me do it for them so we get it right this time.

::pardon me while I hyperventilate into a paper bag::

I mean, what if they don’t learn enough?
What if they don’t develop an inquisitive mind?
What if Jack doesn’t get placed in the advanced math class?!?

Let’s not forget the fact that all three kids will be in school At. The. Same. Time. two mornings a week. I haven’t been alone in the house EVER for the last 6 years and 7 months. I’m so excited I’m salivating. I’m also scared as hell. I have never been good at being alone. I’m an extrovert, like off-the-charts and I’m actually equal parts utterly terrified and completely overjoyed at my impending solitude.


So I’m overcompensating for all my craaaazy emotions.

IMG_5843.JPGMaking last-minute crafts for the kids. These fingerless gloves are a huge hit!

IMG_5833.JPGTie dye. Lots of tie dye.

IMG_5832.JPGExcessive food preservation. In the event of the zombie apocalypse my house is the place to be!

IMG_5854.JPGChocolate chip pancakes. Because nothing says love like chocolate for breakfast.

So how are you? Has school started yet? Are you freaking out or taking it in stride?