Now I LOVE pumpkin spice!!

But there are three things I don’t love: paying too much for mediocre coffee, cancer and generating more trash.

For more details about gross ingredients and cancer in a “latte notably lacking actual PUMPKIN” check out Food Babe’s article. It’s making the social media rounds right now.

I adapted this recipe to use what I like: extra clove, less nutmeg, 2% milk, turbinado sugar- but the proportions are essentially the same.


Organic ingredients, of course.


Honestly, the problem with these recipes always is how freeking labor intensive it is! It almost makes me want to drive to Starbucks and buy one just to save myself the effort and clean up!

But this time I got smart.
This time I made a giant batch!
So now on these cool fall mornings while I want for the bus to pick up the kiddos- I can enjoy some delicious additive-free goodness!

One pot of spice mix made 4 ice cube trays. I have yet to determine if two or three cubes are required, but for sake of argument let’s say each latte requires 3 cubes to reach optimal flavoring.

-That’s 4 trays of 12 cubes, at 4 cups per tray, that’s enough for 2.5 weekday mornings in a row of delicious pumpkinny goodness before I have to exert any additional effort!


Can I share some big news, and be a big old tease at the same time?! The contents of this mail delivery have been keeping be very busy the last 2 weeks!! Hopefully I will finish soon so I can give you a big reveal the -and tell you all about it!!