I’m finally getting around to telling the tale of our new Mad Men table. It’s less of a story and more of sequence of photos with captions. Here we go:IMG_6154.JPGThree weeks ago this package is delivered to my house. Score major bonus points for #brokebackhusband!

IMG_6156.JPGThis Knoll table is in bad shape, and it’s been modified, but that profile cannot be beat!

IMG_6155.JPGI acquired the necessary gear, including oil based high gloss enamel paint for an ultra shiny finish.

IMG_6158.JPGFirst I started with a spray on oil-based rust-protective coat of primer.

IMG_6159.JPGAfter that I rolled on several layers of enamel paint. Man that stuff is THICK.

IMG_6161.JPGOne cheap piece of 3/4in thick plywood, some geometric oval-drawing, freehand work with the reciprocating saw, many layers of wood filler, and more sanding than I would have thought humanly possible….

IMG_6162.JPG and we are on our way!

IMG_6148.JPGHere she is in all her curvy, mid century modern, MadMen styled glory.

IMG_6153.JPGAround The metal rim at the base of the table I wrapped a thin piece of plastic. This provides prophylactic protection against damage to the floors.

IMG_6107.JPG What a photographic backdrop!? It makes my wine look good!!