I was under the distinct impression that I would have an overabundance of free time once the school year started. One child in first grade, one child in pre-K five mornings a week, and one in two-year-old preschool three mornings a week. That’s three mornings a week that I will have 3 1/2 hours to myself!

I figured I would be bored out of my mind. I would have to pick up new hobbies. I would need to binge-watch another TV series on Netflix. I would be blogging All. The. Damn. Time. I was going to renovate the bathroom build a new patio and paint the bedroom all in the first week.

I seriously considered getting a job and a dog and maybe adopting some more kids.

I was very very stupid.

My house is -on its best day- 5% cleaner. My laundry is perhaps less far behind. I am not, in fact, working out any more often than I was before.

The few positive differences I am noticing are, however, quite significant:
I cook more often and from scratch than I ever have before.
When I shop I am better at finding the best price and only getting what I need because I can work without distraction.
The playroom is legitimately organized, and I’m successfully limiting screen time and encouraging creative play!
The bathroom (you know, that one all five of us share?) is finally looking organized!

I may have had completely unrealistic goals for my abundant free-time. But I’m happy that it’s working out. Even if I’m busier and hardly ever sit down anymore!

How is back to school treating you?? Happy October!!