We have been lead inexorably here.

Today I meet with an architect. Today we begin discussing plans to renovate our house. This isn’t some small-scale remodel where we change the floors and update the cabinets. (We’ve done that already.)

We’re going to need a dumpster, several flat-bed deliveries, a crane, and an architect.

Don’t get too excited though, we’re not breaking ground (or walls) till 2016. Is it early to meet with an architect? Yes and no. We don’t need plans or permits for quite a while, but we have reached a point in our discussion of the project where we need more educated guesses about costs and timeline as well as a need for a fresh set of eyes to solve some of the architectural problems we are running into like “Where should we put the stairs?”

This is what I have so far: but I’m hoping things evolve and change quite a bit from here.


What are you cool cats doing this lovely Wednesday? Something fun? Festive?