I love yoga, and yoga loves me.  Yoga doesn’t just love me, it loves everybody.  Increased flexibility?  Increased muscle mass?  Increased svelt-ness?  Decreased stress? Increased energy?  Low impact?  Anyone can do it?  Yes, please!

I was first introduced to Yoga in high school.  I took it to complete my gym credit for graduation.  How funny is that?  My high school was certainly quite progressive. 
I kept up with yoga using videos and such through college and graduate school but I wasn’t very serious.  After Jack was born I began to search for something that could be just for me and yoga was the perfect choice.  It was healthy for my body, calming to my mind and surprisingly it made my heart sing.  But when you work towards getting into a pose and then suddenly you find yourself there, it’s pretty awesome!  Better than watching pants sizes or pounds drop (but it does that too.)
Yoga is like going to church and running a marathon all at the same time.  It’s deeply spiritual for me and it’s an insane workout.  As my flexibility increases my focus increases.  In January 2011 I added a meditation to my practice.  That has been quite a challenge, but I’m trying to focus on and appreciate the process and not get hung up waiting for enlightenment.
Since I turned 30 in May 2011 I decided to celebrate by enrolling myself in a year-long Yoga Teacher Training.  I will be a certified Yoga Instructor at the 200 hour level.  I’m trying to focus on my journey through the experience instead of worrying about what I’m going to do with my certification upon completion.  It’s very ‘yoga’ to respect and trust the process instead of obsess about the destination.

I enjoy discussing yoga because there is so much information out there about it.  Yoga is in pop culture, medical research, and it has a positive impact on my life nearly every day.  Yoga is just cool like that.